Most homeowners want their bathrooms to pack a serious punch, and they're willing to invest a great deal of their hard-earned money into making this happen. Every product and design decision you make in regards to your bathroom should look fresh and neat for years to come! One aspect of keeping your bathroom looking bright is by choosing to install a new shower screen. Believe it or not, shower screens do a lot more than just keep the water from leaking out.

Here are some of the most common ways they can brighten and transform your bathroom A New Screen Will Make Your Tiles Shine.


By choosing a new screen that's completely made of transparent glass allows you to highlight the different features in your bathroom. It has been said time and time again that beautiful tiles in your shower can become shinier and bolder when seen through a new shower screen. If you're proud of the tiles in your shower and wish for them to dominate the space, opt for a Screens n More semi-frameless shower screen.


Keeping It Simple


Luxury and sophistication are just two of the design elements that most homeowners seek to accomplish with their shower designs but often fail to do so. In all honesty, keeping a bathroom design completely simple can make it look even more high-end. By installing a simple and transparent new shower screen, you can give your bathroom the appearance of simplicity and well-balanced design.


Make Your Bathroom Appear Bigger



No bathroom is ever seemingly big enough, and that's just the nature of owning any home. Unless you can knock out a wall that can give you extra square footage, you should stick to making your bathroom appear larger. A transparent shower screen allows you to keep the shower from being obstructed by a shower curtain or opaque screen. The clarity of the glass allows the eye to travel around the room, and the extra light that filters through creates the essence of having additional space.

Add Natural Light With A Shower Screen


One of the biggest pitfalls in any bathroom is a lack of natural lighting. You may have a small skylight or window in

your bathroom, but that's hardly enough natural light to accomplish personal grooming feats. Installing a glassy and transparent shower screen creates more natural light in your bathroom, and since most surfaces can reflect and refract light, your bathroom space will become much better lit.


 Shower Screens Are Timeless


No one can foresee what the future brings regarding design. The reality is that what was trendy in 2015 may not be in the year 2016. However, if you opt for glass shower screens, you can rest assured that they will keep their timeless appeal even ten years from now.



We all know that a professional bathroom make-over can be very expensive. Fortunately, just be installing a new shower screen, you can spend a minimal amount, but make a huge impact.

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